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Sanctuario De San Pablo Resort & Spa: Day-Tour Experience

Resort's gate along the highway
(This is an old post from my other site but that didn't exist anymore. So yeah.)

It was May 17, 2013 when we finally visited one of the resorts in San Pablo, Laguna here in the Philippines for our summer vacation plan. The resort is called Sanctuario de San Pablo Resort & Spa.

We left home quarter to 6am, arrived at the Jac Liner bus terminal in Taft Avenue as early as 8am then landed the resort at around 10am (the opening time). As we entered the resort, we found out that we are the only customers they had, it seemed like we rented the whole place. I thought that time that we arrived so early, so we expect that other customers will slowly arrive. The staffs are too busy cleaning the amenities and facilities. Then, we proceeded to the frontdesk and paid for the accommodation that costs for PHP500 ($12.5) for a day-tour use of cabana and entrance fee which is PHP 550/person ($13.75) (inclusive of use of amenities and facilities and one-time complementary meal).

The playground
The pool (Mt. Makiling in the background)
Huge pool. (Can you see us? =D)
Hobbit house
More accomodations to stay-in

Upon paying the bills, we started looking for our preferred cabana to settle in. The resort is like a Bali, Indonesia inspired with huge swimming pool with slide, kiddie pool, jacuzzi, hobbit houses, restaurant, playground and spa.

We decided to take a tour first in the resort, had random pictures and wait until 12pm since that's the time we told the staff to eat our lunch (this is the free meal included).

After we took our lunch, we already prepared ourselves to swim by changing swim wears and put some sunblock on the body. There are lots of mosquitoes inside the comfort room. My mom and I were laughing out loud because we only stayed in the corner of the pool. Yes, we don't know how to swim and we only did was to take a dip in the water. Haha!

We tried jacuzzi and noticed that it's not working. This is our first time so yeah we didn't mind it and just take a dip until we have noticed the bubbles starts to come out and the boiling sound is getting louder. We got scared and want to come up from the jacuzzi. I felt like there's a shark coming. Bwahaha! (What an imagination.) But good thing, we didn't and enjoyed it for awhile while my big sis is busy taking photos.

The jacuzzi

You can check-in for an overnight stay at their accommodations which is called "Casitas," it is like a hobbit house.

Casitas (looks like a Hobbit Houses)
We felt like we are the VIP guests during our visit as we are the only customers they had though we can see people in the pavillion (restaurant) during the lunch time. The staff are very friendly and accommodating, plus factor with the lifeguard who doesn't get tired as he really focused on checking us out whenever we go to pools. :) The service is really good!

Another type of accomodation
Accomodation to stay overnight or so
In the afternoon, we experienced heavy rain while having our snacks, but I think it only lasts for 30 minutes. We found out that there's new visitors (family group as well) who's enjoying the swimming pools and had picture taking. We left the resort at past 5pm with good memories and great experience.

Check out our Lunch Meal and Caesar Salad Pizza snack.

Sanctuario De San Pablo Resort & Spa
Address: Barangay San Francisco, Calihan, San Pablo City, Laguna 
Telephone: (049)562-6867 / (049)561-3006 
E-mail address: 
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